At Grange, we are committed to providing fun, meaningful and appropriately challenging learning opportunities that help children develop holistically.  We wish children to develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, personally and socially.  Therefore PSHE is a very important area of learning which helps to prepare pupils, teaches responsibility and gives children different experiences.

Within the new National Curriculum, we have the flexibility to tailor the PSHE programme.  This is fundamental given the ever changing and developing world in which are community advances.  We find ourselves facing new challenges daily.  Our responsibility is to look after the world in which we live, therefore we need to have constant awareness and practice to ensure that as individual’s we do this.


Therefore, we aim to address issues with our children in using the following themes, ensuirng our children are informed, prepared and ready for life’s challenges:



PATHS is an evidence based programme that helps children develop an understanding of their emotions, empathy, self-control and problem solving skills.

PATHS is delivered once a week, by trained staff, from Reception through to Y6. In addition to the classroom lessons the Pupil Development Centre delivers a Friendship Group to 6 targeted children, on a weekly basis, where key topics include: Cooperation, conversation skills, understanding and respecting others, coping with social stress and responsible decision making.

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