P.E. is an integral part of our curriculum and at Grange Primary School we do our upmost to ensure all children are accessing a fully versatile and enjoyable curriculum. Children experience various sporting activities and compete at different levels and abilities both in and outside school. All pupils have at least two hours plus P.E. per week. We strive to ensure all children participate in all lessons and in-school events and offer a varied range of activities to suit all abilities including gymnastics, dance, games, swimming, athletics and outdoor and adventurous activities. Swimming is offered to Year 4, 5 and 6, with lessons being provided by qualified swimming instructors.

During their PE sessions the children are encouraged to set challenges for themselves and to improve their own performance. Fun, enjoyment, confidence, self-esteem and team work skills are at the forefront of PE lessons. A healthy and active lifestyle is promoted. Young children are supported to develop the fundamental skills such as aiming and throwing, balance, co-ordination, control and movement. In KS2 pupils are able to further develop these fundamental skills and to apply them in a range of situations, including invasion, net and striking and fielding games.

We believe that sport can transform young lives and offer a varied and exciting range of activities, taught by both our dedicated sports team of Mr. Howard and Mr. O’Reilly, plus staff volunteers and a number of outside specialist sportsmen and women. Intra-school competition includes our annual sports days, where pupils compete against each other in their school teams. The PE department benefits from a strong relationship with many outside club links and partners; one of which is London Physical Education and School Sports Network (LPESSN). Through LPESSN we are able to access a high quality competition programme and in school training. In association with Bacons College Rotherhithe, our school is able to compete in many competitions across the borough and the city of London

The school also offers a large number of after school sporting Clubs/activities, some of which are open to all children and some are only available to children who have shown a skill in that sport.


Nursery and Early Years

PE is a very important part of learning and children become more confident using gross motor skills. By the end of their time in Reception class, they will have good control and co-ordination in large and small movements. They move confidently in a range of ways, safely negotiating space. Children will be able to use various pieces of apparatus. Pupils have 1 taught PE lesson inside focusing on dance or gymnastics. Pupils have continual access to large climbing equipment, bikes scooters, balls, and balancing equipment.



KS1 follows termly cycle for P.E. We encourage and motivate all children to participate during the sessions and we offer a broad curriculum to enable all children to feel motivated and comfortable in all areas of P.E. these including dance, gymnastics, net games, netball and athletics and a continuation focus on coordination and teamwork. We use the Bacons College scheme of work. All pupils are assessed regularly and many are entered into out of school competitions.



KS2 pupils follow an annual cycle which ensures they have 1 hour of dance or gymnastics and 1 hour of field sports or swimming. Swimming is taught to pupils in year 3 and 4 at Seven Islands Pool and to year 6 children at Downside Fisher. Gymnastics is now well embedded in the school throughout KS2 following British Gymnastics Association (BGA) lessons and children are very enthusiastic and motivated to take part at all levels and abilities.

KS2 pupils have wider opportunities to attend competitive events and tournaments outside school. As previously stated, the school has a very good relationship with LPESSN, who provide us with an events calendar and competitions.


Extra Curricular Coaching

We offer lunchtime and after school sports clubs for boys and girls in KS2 including football, dance, netball, chess, multiskills and tag rugby. All clubs are coached by volunteers from within the school, including teachers, teaching assistants and year 6 pupils.

Please see the sports premium page for more information.