Online Safety

Online Safety at Grange

100_4171Children at Grange Primary School regularly use the Internet as part of their learning. At school, we have online safety activities embedded into the curriculum to teach children how to keep themselves safe online, and the importance of doing this.

Click here to access, designed to give children the latest information on preferred sites to visit, mobiles and technology. It’s got great games and fun activities that help children learn about online safety.

Grange’s Online Safety Policy was devised in collaboration with the School Council. The children worked hard on the policy, making helpful suggestions and amendments to ensure it is relevant and appropriate to our needs.

Please see the up to date policy below.

The School Council also helped to create Pupil Acceptable Use Policies for Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. The children will be required to agree to these before using any electronic devices at school. This will ensure that devices are used responsibly as learning tools while protecting the children from potential e-safety risks.

Social Networks Safeguarding Guidelines for parents

NSPCC’s Net Aware provides guidance to parents on social networking sites, apps and games which children use and how to keep their children safe in today’s digital world. It can be accessed via Given that many such new sites constantly appear, this website can be quite useful to stay up to date and keep children safe.




Keeping everyone safe online is really important to us at Grange Primary School. We do our best to update you with any recent developments or useful resources and materials. Please note that the government has recently launched a new website, Parent Info, to support parents about online safety. The website has been developed with ParentZone and CEOP.

Parent Info is a collection of articles, tips, expert advice and resources designed to help parents keep up with what their children are doing on-line. Grange School is registered with the site, please see the articles below.