Number Wizard


What is number wizard?

Number Wizard is a scheme which has been written to encourage and motivate children to learn mental number skills in Primary School. At Grange Primary, children across all of the year groups strive to earn Number Wizard badges, becoming increasingly adept at Mental Recall as they move towards achieving the highest badge, Diamond.



Number Wizard is practiced in class and target sheets can be downloaded below so that children can practise their mental maths skills at home. Tests will be sat in school regularly so the children have every opportunity to improve, achieve and be awarded a new badge.

Details below:



Upon completion of a Number Wizard test the children will receive a pin badge. Badges 1 – 12, are yellow round pin badges with blue writing. For the higher elite badges (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond) are metal badges.

Details below:

Badges 1 – 12:

Elite Badges:



In this gallery are a selection of children who have been awarded Number Wizard badges, of which two pupils have received the bronze and gold badges. Please click on the thumbnails for a larger view.