Three pieces of homework for the half-term week. Please see below for information.

Art Homework


Above is an artist’s illustration of a Firebird. Your Art task for the half term is to draw your own ‘fire’ animal. It can be any type of animal, just make sure it is a ‘real’ animal before you add the flames. You can add description if you like.

English Homework

Write a poem about the firebird. It can be: a diamante poem (16 words, 1st line 1 word, 2nd line 2 words, 3rd line 3 words, 4th line 4 words, 5th line 3 words, 6th line 2 words, 7th line 1 word)

A haiku (3 lines, 1st line 5 syllables, 2nd line 7 syllables, 3rd line 5 syllables).

Or indeed a poem of your own style.

It needs to have good rhythm and should describe the firebird and how it moves.

Maths homework

There is an arithmetic test that has been printed out for you. Complete it in your own time.


Good luck, try your best! All homework due in on the first Tuesday after half-term.