Design and Technology at Grange gives our children an opportunity to explore and understand their world before using their creative and practical talents to design and construct a product from their own perspective.

The children look at existing products and investigate how their design has been tailored to a specific audience before considering how they might alter this for an alternative design brief.  They are then taught subject specific skills in a controlled environment before applying the skills on their own design.  At all times children are asked to consider and plan for any risk that may be present when using a specific skill, ensuring a classroom that is aware and confident.

The children’s learning will also reflect the prioritising of Nutrition in the New Curriculum developing the skills and understanding in the kitchen environment.  For example looking at a balanced meal to learning how to safely prepare ingredients in a creative way for a set design brief.  They will be encouraged to try new things and investigate different ingredients from around the world, all while understanding the vital importance of balanced meals, exercise and safe preparation for their health and wellbeing.