At Grange, we understand the importance of Computing technology in today’s world and reflect this in the numerous ways that our children are using it to realise their full learning potential across the entire curriculum as well as developing specific Computing based knowledge.

Careful planning and flexible thinking has allowed Grange to provide our children with a full range of computing devices which can be used both directly and indirectly to enhance their learning.  Whether they are using the interactive whiteboard in lessons to annotate a page from a story with the feelings of the characters; researching a topic using the school’s laptops; programming applications using the school’s tablet computers; developing multi-media skills in the Computing suite, children have the resources required to make them safe and confident online navigators in a world where real life and communications technology are increasingly integrated.

We follow the Southwark Computing scheme of work, which has been specifically designed with the New Curriculum objectives in mind, leading to an easily understood progressive model that takes into account all of the latest changes in teaching, hardware and software to provide an exciting and comprehensive education for our children.  From an early age children can use Movie Maker or co-author Wiki-pages or use coding programmes to create their own games and stories.  Grange children are equipped with a huge range of computing skills which can be applied in many different ways.

Grange prioritises the teaching and implementation of a clear and concise internet safety policy which ensures the security of children while using this valuable educational resource to augment their learning.  We have two trollies worth of laptops and 15 iPads per key stage and a one-hour lesson timetabled at least once a week in the Computing Suite which allows children to explore the computing curriculum further.  In addition, the children have access to tablet computers and laptops to increase the learning potential across the curriculum while building vital teamwork and communication skills with their classmates.