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01Oct 2016

Aurora Class visits East London Radio We have just completed a week at IntoUniversity. One of the main highlights was our radio show at East London Radio (ELR). We had so much fun producing, editing and broadcasting our show. Listen out for information on many Universities, Jokes, Quizzes and much more. Please have a listen […]

27May 2016

Three pieces of homework for the half-term week. Please see below for information. Art Homework Above is an artist’s illustration of a Firebird. Your Art task for the half term is to draw your own ‘fire’ animal. It can be any type of animal, just make sure it is a ‘real’ animal before you add […]

04May 2016

Congratulations to everybody who achieved full marks on their spelling test last week! This week, the last week of spellings before the SATs Spelling Test, I want a record number of full marks. Five house points for 20/20 and one house point for 19/20. Do your best with the below words, which have either -aw- […]

25Apr 2016

Congratulations to Camille, Ishmam, Keirha, Isha, Tammy and Rico who all achieved a magnificent 20 / 20 on Friday. A pat on the back to Jonayed and Felicity for their excellent 19 / 20 scores. This week, another five house points each on offer for full marks and one house point for nineteen marks. -ous […]

19Apr 2016

Please see below timetable for SATs week, commencing Monday 9th May 2016. Date Activity Monday 9 May 2016 Key stage 2 English reading test, reading booklet and associated answer booklet  (1 hour) Tuesday 10 May 2016 Key stage 2 English; Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling test, short answer questions  (45mins -50 marks) Key stage 2 English; […]

18Apr 2016

Well done to the three children who scored 20 / 20 in last week’s spelling test. Many children achieved 17 and above out of 20, keep on trying and the house points will be yours soon enough! This week’s spellings focus on the suffix ‘-ance’ and the prefix ‘un-‘. Five house points for 20 / […]

23Mar 2016

Well done to all those who received full marks on their spellings last week. This week: a house point to everyone with over fifteen correct and five house points to anyone who scores twenty! The words: scent scissors scene scenario disciple descend fluorescent isosceles muscle crescent   illusion abrasion cohesion confusion conversion decision explosion invasion […]

17Mar 2016

Well done to Ishmam, Michael, Isha and Jonayed who all received FULL MARKS on their spelling test last week! This week, words with the silent ‘gh’ phoneme, and words with the suffix ‘ious’. Good luck! Five house points to anybody who achieves 20/20 on the test. sleigh cough through laugh thought height bright thorough daughter […]

10Mar 2016

Well done to: Isha who got full marks on the spelling test last week! Fantastic work. This week, let’s try to get even more of you hitting at least 18/20. Five house points to anyone who achieves 20/20. Words with suffix -ible edible audible collectible horrible invisible possible sensible terrible resistible invincible Words with suffix […]

29Feb 2016

Well done to all of you for last week’s excellent spelling results! Let’s keep this momentum going and try to get 20 out of 20 this week from the following spellings: country about bought count armour around colour mouth cloud doubt gymnastics amnesty autumn calmness column chimney hymn omnipotent solemn warmness Good luck! Test on […]