December 2016

In what has been a tough season so far, with rainy days and near misses, the boys’ football team, in their last fixture of the winter term, pulled out an unbelievable win against Friars Primary School. With a call up to the main team for Islam, Yasin and Caleb, the team had fresh optimism in its outlook.

Within five minutes of the first half, Friars were stunned. Nazai had scored a hat trick; Alpha had slotted one beyond the keeper’s reach and Caleb, with supreme coolness, smashed the ball into the net to give Grange an unassailable lead.

After that, the boys began playing with a flair we had been lacking all season, having the confidence to try, take a shot, and most importantly have fun! Two substitutions during the first half brought on two of the three debutants and they further propelled the team upwards. With Islam following the team’s defensive plan “to the T”, the opposing goalkeeper resulted to verbalising his inability to make a pass that did not go to Islam, or another of the Grange boys.

With high pressure from all our boys, spearheaded by Samuel, Friars were forced into damaging mistakes, with Alpha, Ali and Nazai picking up a few more goals, Nazai’s final goal being the most audacious of the over a dozen goals we scored. With a roll of the ball from our goalie, he turned, and with one quick glance at the keeper’s position, put his body behind the ball with a thundering shot that flew the entire distance of the playing field. The ball bounced off the post, and rolled into the back of the net, stunning the already defeated goalie.

The icing on the cake was that Yasin also grabbed a debut goal with a thumping shot. Alpha rounded of an amazing performance by Grange Primary as he slotted home once more, to give Grange an emphatic 14-2 victory.